Born in Dayton, Ohio to a non-musical family, Linus Lau was trained in composition by Lynn Shurtleff and Henry Mollicone.  He has written an opera and a slew of film scores. And he’s still goin’.

In another life, he was a touring keyboardist and tour-van philosopher. Both of these gigs paid a lot, but he was bad at it. After seeing the inside of Schubas, T. T. The Bear’s Place, Webster Hall and The Roxy one too many times, he hung up his spurs in 2010. If you want to see his musical ramblings and inappropriate modular synth patches, check out his Youtube page.

In 2018, his driving and out-of-this-world new EP, “Coda” touched down on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. His EP is cheaper than the cost of a movie ticket. So is everything else in his store.

His client list includes 20th Century Fox, Valve Entertainment, and Columbia Pictures.